Video title: For SALE - 19th CENTURY 24" Sultan Marionette Rod Puppet all Hand Made - Over 100 years old!!

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For SALE - 19th CENTURY 24


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This is an incredible Professional Hand Made Puppet in wonderful condition for being over 100+ years old! Puppet measures 24" (2 Feet) in length with a 5" wide chest body. Made of hand carved wood, canvas and a combination of wood and some sort of plaster or composite for the face and hands. The Head is completely hand painted and features real human hair glued to the scalp. Clothing is all hand made and incredibly detailed. Body costume is made of gorgeous thick Satin and Silk. The Cape is huge and heavy, made of a hand sewn tapestry with ribbons and red ruby rhinestones at the color area. There are 4 strings that are tunneled through the torso and chest. Two strings can move the arms and the other two strings for the legs. Both the hands and feet appear to be able to be used with RODs. This to me is most likely a combination of a Marionette and a ROD Puppet... 

I hope someone out there will recognize this type of Puppet and be kind enough to let me know anything you can about it. I thank you for your interest, time and help.



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For SALE - 19th CENTURY 24
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For SALE - 19th CENTURY 24
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For SALE - 19th CENTURY 24