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Pac-Man World 3 PS2 100% Longplay


Ok, let me just say this... I love this game. Yeah that's right, I do. I know the game has a more darker story, the levels are much longer than the previous two games, the combat can get crazy at times, I could go on but you get the idea. Honestly, I don't mind these changes at all.

When I checked the cards section off-screen after beating the game, I saw there were a few cards I didn't get. Only conclusion I could come to was that it could've been a glitch. But enough, let's quickly talk about the gameplay.

You play as the titular yellow ball himself exploring locations like the Gogekka Heights, Banni Canyon, The Spectral Realm and more. Encounter various monster creatures and robots to engage in combat scenarios, use multiple types of Power Pellets to help defeat the hordes of them that try to stop you. Collect fruit and other goodies and you even get to play as Clyde and Pinky which is pretty cool.

I also love how this game was created to celebrate Pac-Man's 25th anniversary. I think it's a great payoff if you ask me.




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