Video title: DISTURBING Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The TITANIC!

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DISTURBING Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The TITANIC!


Check out these disturbing facts you probably didn't know about the titanic! This top 10 list of haunting and shocking discoveries about the history of the titanic sinking has some mysterious theories! 

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10. The Titanic Songbook  
One of the most enduring stories about what happened in the early morning of April 15th 1912 was that of the band playing on as the Titanic sank. There were 8 musicians, led by bandmaster Wallace Hartley. They joined the ship at Southampton and were paid one shilling a month for their trouble. Sadly none of them survived the disaster.

9. The Disaster Was Predicted
A chilling secret about the Titanic is how the disaster was predicted by 2 authors in the previous century. They wrote 2 novellas that described situations similar to what occurred that fateful night in 1912. Both men aimed to warn readers of the hazards of ocean travel and they proved to be worryingly correct! 

8. Japanese Survivor Ridiculed
After surviving a terrible tragedy at sea you’d think people would cut you some slack, right? That wasn’t the case for poor Masabumi Hosono, a civil servant from Japan. He was the only Japanese person on board the Titanic and it turned out the disaster was just the beginning of his troubles!

7. Propaganda
When you think of movies about the Titanic, James Cameron, Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet spring to mind, right? Well there’s someone else you may not know about who made a film about the disaster… Joseph Goebbels. Yes, you heard that correctly!

6. People Died Building It
It wasn’t just the passengers on the Titanic who suffered a terrible fate. Building the ship was also a dangerous business! A total of 8 men died from things like falling and fracturing their skulls to being crushed under timbers. As well as deaths, there were 246 accidents, 28 of which were classed as serious.
5. No Binoculars
One of the most shocking details about the Titanic disaster was the speed at which it all happened. The iceberg was only spotted a nerve-shredding 37 seconds before impact. Could anything have prevented the fatal collision? Some believe if a pair of binoculars had been at hand, the whole disaster could have been avoided.

4. No Fatalities Reported
Over 1,500 people lost their lives on the Titanic but when news of the tragedy broke the reporting was very different. The American press were closer to the action and relayed the terrible news that many had died. However when it came to countries like the UK, they decided to go in another direction.

3. Wreckage Disappearing  
Although the wreck of the Titanic is preserved in salt water 3.8 km (2.36 miles) below the surface of the Atlantic, it won’t stay that way much longer. That’s because it’s being slowly eaten away by a new type of bacteria! In fact some experts believe it has 20 years left to go max before it’s gone forever.

2. 88 Years to Die
Remember when I told you about the Titanic band? Those guys were as brave as they come. Not only did they lose their lives, they were also said to have played music as the ship was going down, right until their final moments when they all perished.
1. SS Californian    
What you may not know about the Titanic is that another ship was in the vicinity when she hit the iceberg. The SS Californian was captained by Stanley Lord and he’d decided to hold back after seeing ice fields in the water. According to reports he’d actually warned the Titanic about the ice over the radio but received a rude response in return. You know, unsinkable and all that. 

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