Video title: What Do Women Want In A Man - 20 Proven Traits They Love

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What Do Women Want In A Man - 20 Proven Traits They Love


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Have you tried and failed with the pick-up lines? Well you were taking the wrong approach which when attracting women! Gone are the days when women were impressed with the pick-up lines like an alpha male. Now they look for more to feel secure. They look for a good man with their taste. 

Of all the questions that have plagued men's existence, few are as puzzling as what motivates women's thoughts. Or in a more specific case, what qualities do you need for her to notice you?
Despite thousands of years of books, poems, essays, and romantic comedies that have attempted to address the subject, men have not come very far when it comes to uncovering the mysteries of the opposite sex. But we go by steps.

In this video until the end, you will learn how women look for loyalty, confidence, integrity, partnership, kindness, love, life, mental health, passion,health fitness, weight loss and generosity in men. 
What are the qualities that attracts women in a modern relationship?

According to the Internet of Things encyclopedia, qualities are traits, a permanent and peculiar component, distinctive of a person's nature or essence. So…
""A quality is a characteristic that is considered good or  positive: beauty, goodness, tenderness, etc.""

But just because men will never know precisely what is going on in their partner's head doesn't mean there are no ways to get a better idea. Yes, every woman is different, but there are certain qualities that almost all women value in a man.

We know that most women want a loyal, kind, and a good guy in bed (of course). But what else?

Scientific studies on the qualities they seek:
To identify exactly what qualities starts performance for long-term relationships they find attractive in a man, more than 1,000 American women between the ages of 21 and 54 were surveyed.
Princeton New Jersey Research Corporation conducted the first online survey; the other study was done at

Only in this way was it possible to establish the main characteristics, according to the frequency with which they appeared within the women's ten attributes.
And we're not surprised that women were found to value personality far more than physical attractiveness, even in online dating.

Despite all those hours you may be spending in the gym, only 13 per cent of women mentioned muscle mass as a taste factor. On the other hand, 66 per cent said that moral integrity ""would make me tremble. ""
For the avoidance of doubt, here are the top 20 qualities, divided by category. Work on them."


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