Video title: GOODEE G500 LED Mini Video Projector 2021 Review

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GOODEE G500 LED Mini Video Projector 2021 Review


GOODEE G500 LED Mini Video Projector 2021 Review


Projecting onto the screen of your dreams is something that we all wish we could do, and we can do it with the projectors that are on the market today. The only downside to the projectors available are that there are way too many to choose from! Trying to find a projector is like finding a needle in a haystack, and too many of them are subpar on quality standards. There’s nothing more important than getting a good picture on the screen when you are watching your favorite show, and you shouldn’t sacrifice that by choosing the wrong projector. Thankfully, the right one just happened upon you. If you’ve been searching and searching for a projector that will fulfill all of your needs to no avail, look no further. This projector is amazing quality and will do everything you are wanting without you having to fork over your bank statement.

Best Features

If you want a brand you can trust, you have to go with GooDee. They have been making video projectors for quite some time, so you know that it’s going to be a good one. This projector has 70% upgraded brightness and supports 1080p, so your picture will be bright ad clear no matter what. Whether you want to project a movie, game, presentation, or graphics, this projector can do it all. The projection size goes anywhere from 44 to 200 inches, so it’s one of the larger projector sizes you will find currently available. The throw distance is anywhere from 5-18 feet, so you can use this in practically any room without issue. It can connect to HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, MICROSD, and USB. The fan has been made to be quiet, so it has low sound. It also has HIFI level stereo audio, so you won’t need an additional speaker if you don’t want one.

What’s Included

• 1 x GooDee Home Video Projector          
• 1 x HDMI Cable
• 1 x AV 3 in 1 Cable
• 1 x Remote Control
• 1 x Projector Lens Cap
• 1 x User Manual


Most people were very happy with this projector and how well it showed the picture. Even when the room wasn’t pitch black, the projector still showed up on the screen. This is a great projector to use with whatever screen you have. It even works extremely well on just the wall if you cannot currently afford a screen. It has a great warranty, so you don’t need to worry about something breaking and you having to be stuck with it. You can trust that this projector will perform like it’s supposed to.


The only downside is this projector is on the higher end of the spectrum. It’s going to cost you $200, which is a little more than other projectors out there. However, the quality is by far superior.

Final Verdict

If you want a projector that you can trust, you cannot go wrong with this one. While it might cost you a bit more out of pocket, it is definitely worth the price.



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