Video title: What Would Jojo's Do? Introducing A Story

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What Would Jojo's Do? Introducing A Story


Pilot Characters Article:

In this episode of Scriptease we’re introducing a new series: What Would Jojo’s Do? We’ll be examining  the macro elements of storytelling by looking at how they’re delivered in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In this first episode we’re looking at how to introduce an audience to your story. In the case of a TV series, we often only get one shot to impress a potential viewer: The first or “pilot” episode. What do we need to showcase? How can we present the best side of our story? What are some common mistakes to avoid? We’ll see how the first episode of Jojo’s Diamond is Unbreakable hits it out of the park from the opening seconds of the show.


Welcome to Scriptease! Scriptease focuses on how technical skills in screenwriting evoke emotion in the reader and, eventually, the viewer.

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