Video title: Nuclear Explosion Power Comparison

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Nuclear Explosion Power Comparison


We take a look at the size and power of explosions created from a hand grenade to the Tsar Bomba and beyond. Its not just nvkes but supervolcano eruptions & meteor impacts as well. It is indeed a terrifying true scale of nuclear weapons. 

PS: It is supposed to be Cobalt Bomb instead of Colbat at 0:58 . Additionally, at 1:37 , "Whole island sank" instead of sinked. 

Note: This video is for information and entertainment purpose only. 

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Special Thanks to our Comparison Master - Bud1964!

Explosion Effects created by Pigment Ajans - Visual Effects (used with permission)
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Do subscribe to him!)

Music: Ossuary 1 - A Beginning by Kevin Macload
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


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