Video title: The Internet and You

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The Internet and You


What's pipin' dudes and dudettes? I found this totally lame/tubular video cassette lurking in my attic and if you're completely incompetent at surfing the cyber monsoon known as the net, you really need to take a gander bro!

Starring & Produced by
Scott Wozniak
Will Kanwischer
Eric Turney
Sam Essig
Jacob Hodge
Joe Robertson
Hunter Theis
Andrew Smigelski
Kyle Moskowitz
Kyle Collins
Yaseen Cheema
Connor Yarnell
Justin Womble
Adam Hupp

Music Used:
“Against The Odds” by Anthony Phillips (1996)
“At the Movies” Theme Song
“Automotion” by John Epping (1988)
“Before the Deadline” by Graham De Wilde (1986)
“Blues in a Hurry” by Cecil Norman
“Computer Crime” by Nick Bardoni & Stephen Warr (1989)
“Computer Speak” by Curtis Schwartz (1990)
“Crêpe Suzette” by Cyril Watters
“End in Sight” by Alan Hawkshaw (1991)
“Galactic Travel” by Curtis Schwartz (1990)
“High Standards” by Fritz Koeberl & Peter Janda (1990)
“Housewive’s Choice” by Harry Bluestone
“Lambs in Clover” by Jack Strachey
“Lazer Launch” by Curtis Schwartz (1990)
“Major Event” by Richard Thomas (1991)
“Piano Cover of Sarah McLachlan - Angel” by YouTube User “Makteusz”
“Seinfeld” Theme by Jonathan Wolff
“Sports Challenge” by Jonathan Starkey (1988)
“Street Scene” by Robert Farnon
“Volatile Reaction” by Kevin MacLeod (
“Window Gazing” by Ivor Slaney

Production of this educational farce started around February 2016, and officially ended July 21, 2016. Only God could hear me scream. This was a wicked long production.


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Scott The Woz

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